Back at it

I’m sick – or at least I’ve been sick….for a WEEK. I’m finally getting over it – but I didn’t work out for a full 8 days.  My workouts are typically CrossFit and I also practice yoga. Sometimes my husband and I go on hikes, and I occasionally go on a short jog or do a 5k for fun or charity.

I wouldn’t classify myself as an overly active person – but I have found that if I don’t work out at least 3-4 days a week I’m much more cranky and irritable…and the past week I’ve been absolutely on-edge. I think the combination of not feeling 100% and not moving at all have gotten me to a super high-strung place.

I finally went back to CrossFit last night. Although I usually hit the box in the morning, I think I am still in need of a full night of sleep rather than an early workout – so I decided to hit up an evening class.

The WOD was a fun one – 5 rounds of descending time – each round was an AMRAP – meaning the goal is to do as many reps as possible in the time allotted :

5 minutes of wallballs (2 mins of rest)

4 minutes of box-jumps (2 mins of rest)

3 minutes of muscle ups/CTB pull-ups for a scaled option (2 mins of rest)

2 minutes of HSPU/pushups for a scale (2 mins of rest)

1 minute of burpees

Score was total reps – I got 176 – which was easily the lowest score in the box

I was a little disappointed that it was so low, but I quickly got over it. I was not working at 100% or as hard as I could have since I’m still getting over my cold. So I decided to just be happy that I showed up and got in a workout….

And my mood? MUCH better. And I slept amazingly last night.

Back at it, and on the road to recovery.


Paleo Jambalaya

Wondering what I made with the chopped veggies from this post?

Well, the vegetables formed the base for a favorite of mine – jambalaya! Now, this was definitely not the first time that I’ve made a jambalaya. My mother-in-law actually grew up in New Orleans so I’ve been blessed with many a traditional New Orleans meal…and access to some tried-and-true family recipes.


This recipe however, is a bit of a twist on the original – because its Paleo! The rice has been replaced by grated cauliflower. I realize that this may sound weird if you’ve never tried cauliflower ‘rice’ – and I’ll be honest that I don’t love this faux ‘rice’ in every recipe I’ve attempted, but because of all the flavors and spices in this recipe (and the spice of the andouille) – I think its a really good fake-out of the original.


Paleo Jambalaya1


I got the recipe from PaleOMG and the only changes I made were to use shrimp instead of chicken, and to add Old Bay seasoning -its in my MIL’s recipe and I think the flavor just works well with the seafood.

Old Bay Seasoning

Old Bay Seasoning (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Although I wouldn’t classify myself as paleo – I recently participated in a paleo challenge in my crossfit box the past two months and as a result found some new recipes that I really love. Even if you aren’t paleo – this recipe is a great option for jambalaya on a weeknight because the cauliflower takes a LOT less time to cook than rice.


My Meditation

In addition to Crossfit, and cooking, I’m also studying to be a yoga teacher. I’m participating in a year-long training program to gain my 200 hr certification. Every month we meet, train, and get homework that will prepare us for the next class.

One of the elements of our training we are working on is meditation. Our homework is to sit for 15 minutes every day this month…

Of all the homework I’ve had, this is by far my least favorite, because it is OH so challenging for me. I cannot sit still for that long, I get so antsy and anxious (which is probably reason right there why I SHOULD be meditating…but its a daily struggle.

In addition to trying to meditate (or sometimes not even trying) I’ve been noticing ways in which I find that little bit of focus, attention or peace in everyday life…and I’ve realized that its when I’m cooking.

Specifically prep work, like chopping vegetables, is my moving meditation. I’m cultivating patience, single pointed focus, and attention…I usually start this chopping before my husband comes home from work, so its solitary and quiet….and its just so, nice.Image