Paleo Jambalaya

Wondering what I made with the chopped veggies from this post?

Well, the vegetables formed the base for a favorite of mine – jambalaya! Now, this was definitely not the first time that I’ve made a jambalaya. My mother-in-law actually grew up in New Orleans so I’ve been blessed with many a traditional New Orleans meal…and access to some tried-and-true family recipes.


This recipe however, is a bit of a twist on the original – because its Paleo! The rice has been replaced by grated cauliflower. I realize that this may sound weird if you’ve never tried cauliflower ‘rice’ – and I’ll be honest that I don’t love this faux ‘rice’ in every recipe I’ve attempted, but because of all the flavors and spices in this recipe (and the spice of the andouille) – I think its a really good fake-out of the original.


Paleo Jambalaya1


I got the recipe from PaleOMG and the only changes I made were to use shrimp instead of chicken, and to add Old Bay seasoning -its in my MIL’s recipe and I think the flavor just works well with the seafood.

Old Bay Seasoning

Old Bay Seasoning (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Although I wouldn’t classify myself as paleo – I recently participated in a paleo challenge in my crossfit box the past two months and as a result found some new recipes that I really love. Even if you aren’t paleo – this recipe is a great option for jambalaya on a weeknight because the cauliflower takes a LOT less time to cook than rice.