Back at it

I’m sick – or at least I’ve been sick….for a WEEK. I’m finally getting over it – but I didn’t work out for a full 8 days. ┬áMy workouts are typically CrossFit and I also practice yoga. Sometimes my husband and I go on hikes, and I occasionally go on a short jog or do a 5k for fun or charity.

I wouldn’t classify myself as an overly active person – but I have found that if I don’t work out at least 3-4 days a week I’m much more cranky and irritable…and the past week I’ve been absolutely on-edge. I think the combination of not feeling 100% and not moving at all have gotten me to a super high-strung place.

I finally went back to CrossFit last night. Although I usually hit the box in the morning, I think I am still in need of a full night of sleep rather than an early workout – so I decided to hit up an evening class.

The WOD was a fun one – 5 rounds of descending time – each round was an AMRAP – meaning the goal is to do as many reps as possible in the time allotted :

5 minutes of wallballs (2 mins of rest)

4 minutes of box-jumps (2 mins of rest)

3 minutes of muscle ups/CTB pull-ups for a scaled option (2 mins of rest)

2 minutes of HSPU/pushups for a scale (2 mins of rest)

1 minute of burpees

Score was total reps – I got 176 – which was easily the lowest score in the box

I was a little disappointed that it was so low, but I quickly got over it. I was not working at 100% or as hard as I could have since I’m still getting over my cold. So I decided to just be happy that I showed up and got in a workout….

And my mood? MUCH better. And I slept amazingly last night.

Back at it, and on the road to recovery.