My Meditation

In addition to Crossfit, and cooking, I’m also studying to be a yoga teacher. I’m participating in a year-long training program to gain my 200 hr certification. Every month we meet, train, and get homework that will prepare us for the next class.

One of the elements of our training we are working on is meditation. Our homework is to sit for 15 minutes every day this month…

Of all the homework I’ve had, this is by far my least favorite, because it is OH so challenging for me. I cannot sit still for that long, I get so antsy and anxious (which is probably reason right there why I SHOULD be meditating…but its a daily struggle.

In addition to trying to meditate (or sometimes not even trying) I’ve been noticing ways in which I find that little bit of focus, attention or peace in everyday life…and I’ve realized that its when I’m cooking.

Specifically prep work, like chopping vegetables, is my moving meditation. I’m cultivating patience, single pointed focus, and attention…I usually start this chopping before my husband comes home from work, so its solitary and quiet….and its just so, nice.Image